Winter tightens grip over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

The last few days have seen winter firm up it’s grip across Tamil Nadu and rest of India. In particular the interior places have been seeing temperatures will below normal since the turn of the new year.

In the meanwhile Cyclone Pabuk is heading towards landfall over the Andaman Islands as a weak cyclone today evening. Already robbed of majority of the convention during its transit over Malay Peninsula the adverse atmospheric conditions in the form of dry air and high wind shear has further eroded the structure of Cyclone Pabuk.

Coimbatore AP saw its coldest January night since 2013 recording 16.2°C. Many places in districts like Dharmapuri, Vellore, and Krishnagiri have been seeing sub 15°C minimum temperatures for the past 3 / 4 days. Clear skies under the influence of the drier atmospheric conditions along with the seasonal high pressure systems over Indian Subcontinent and associated dips in Westerly Troughs means winter is here to stay.