Moderate thunderstorms likely in parts of South Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

As Chennai woke up to cloudy skies most of Tamil Nadu is under the influence of the persistent Easterlies. While isolated light rains are being observed along the coastal areas with few thunderstorms pushing in from the Bay under the influence of the Easterlies. Not only are the Easterlies pushing in some rains in a few places it has kept a check on day time temperatures across the state.

Most parts of Tamil Nadu is seeing near normal or slightly below normal temperatures with partly cloudy skies / early morning isolated thunderstorms and strong Easterlies during the day, all playing a role in influencing the temperatures pattern for the past few days. Today is unlikely to be any different with most places in the state enjoying another moderately hot summer day. Humidity though could be on the higher side making it uncomfortable on account of the winds from the East.

The last couple of days have seen places in Theni, Virudhunagar & Tirunelveli seeing moderate thunderstorms develop in the evening under the influence of wind discontinuity. Models indicate today also this area is likely to see moderate thunderstorms during late afternoon / evening. As has been the case for the past couple of days poor wind steering will mean the thunderstorms may move slowly giving rains over a longer period of time. Coastal areas are likely to see some isolated light rains in a few places due to Easterlies. Occasional burst of rains could be observed in a few places over the delta region. Chennai could see a very humid morning under partly cloudy skies with Saaral Mazhai at times in one or two places for short duration.