Thunderstorms continue to rock Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

For the second day in a row large parts of Tamil Nadu saw thunderstorm activity bringing heavy rains. While Chennai saw light rains during the morning hours of yesterday places down south recorded good rains till afternoon.

Places in Northwestern Tamil Nadu like Hosur, Denkanikottai etc which was missing Thunderstorms so far recorded good rains in a welcome relief. Today these areas could once again recieve rains later in the night.

With UAC around today Thunderstorms are likely to form later in the night after cloudy skies during the day. With Sea breeze unlikely to make a difference in the Thunderstorm equations the storms will be forming only after sun down. The key thing for Chennai today is the location of the circulation.

If one were to look at the pattern of rainfall the heavier zone has climbed up gradually over the last couple of days. Today Chennai & adjoining parts of North TN may see it’s best spell of rains from the current UAC as the angle of winds form favorably over the region.