Thunderstorms to continue over Peninsular India

Weather Update

As we get to the second week of April things are picking up on the thunderstorm front over Peninsular India as a precursor to the seasonal change of winds from Easterlies to Westerlies. Over the last couple of days we have seen thunderstorms at many places over Kerala & Karnataka along with few places in Interior Tamil Nadu as well.

Yesterday saw parts of Erode, Nilgiris & Krishnagiri record moderate thunderstorm activity bringing welcome relief from the day time heat. This is likely to be the pattern over the next couple of days as afternoons heat up under the unrelenting sun while evening brings thunderstorms on account of wind induced instabilities.

Looking at the wind chart it is fairly clear the dipping Mid Latitude trough all the way upto South India has temporarily strengthened the Westerlies which are pushing back the Easterlies across the region. As the Easterlies move back over the next day or two the thunderstorm zone is expected to expand Eastward bringing more parts of Tamil Nadu under a spell or two of rains. This could also mean possible chance for the suburbs of Chennai to sneak a shower or two. Whether the core city areas will benefit???? Fingers crossed

In the meanwhile today once again parts of Kerala & Karnataka is likely to see isolated heavy thunderstorms and moderate thunderstorms at many places. As was the case yesterday the adjoining parts of Interior Tamil Nadu along with parts of Rayalaseema will once again see possible thunderstorms. But lets keep in mind as the Easterlies get pushed back more places may come under the rainfall window.