Tamil Nadu Weather – Moderate Heatwave in Coastal Plains

The last couple of days has seen Chennai having fairly high day time temperature with strong westerly winds blowing along the surface.  Last two days Chennai is seeing more than 100⁰F with yesterday both City and Airport Observatories crossing 101⁰F.   Most places of North Coastal Tamil Nadu saw similar temperatures.

The situation is expected to continue for the next couple of days with temperatures hovering around 38 Degrees or more for most parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu.  As we continue to explain the Surface Level Westerlies over coastal Tamil Nadu is very strong over the last week or so which is preventing Easterly Sea Breeze to make any meaningful impact on the temperatures.  This is additionally creates the low humidity syndrome on account of poor moisture push by the Sea Breeze.  This creates the uncomfortable evening effect which June / July is very famous among weather watchers of Chennai. For North Coastal Tamil Nadu Weather is going to be hot and uncomfortable over the next couple of days.


Thanks to the Deep Depression that made landfall last evening over Gujarat Coast, West India is under another firm spell of heavy rains which is expected to continue the next couple of days as the low winds its way through and parks itself may be around Rajasthan.  This is also expected to push the Northern Limit of Monsoon Onset and bring rains to much needed Gangetic Plains in the days to come.  Konkan & Karnataka coast will continue to receive good rains thanks to some strong moisture push at lower levels from Somali Jet.

North Interior Tamil Nadu could see some isolated thunderstorms to the Southwest of Chennai, how much would this impact the city we will have to wait and see.