South Tamil Nadu’s tryst with Thunderstorms Continue

Weather Update

The Thunderstorm season chugs along nice and fine for South Tamil Nadu with yesterday turning out to be one of the better days of rains across the region. Interestingly yesterday also saw some moderate rains along the coasts in the Delta districts as picked up rightly by some of the models. But the highlight has to be the rains that Thoothukudi & Ramanathapuram districts received along with parts of Kanyakumari in the South Coastal Tamil Nadu. Kamudhi recorded nearly 5 cms of rains from the evening thunderstorms that pushed from Sri Lanka.

Today also conditions are ripe for another active day of thunderstorms and rains for many parts of Tamil Nadu. In particular South Tamil Nadu will possibly see rains almost right through the day with places along the coast getting spells in the morning and later in the night while slightly interior along the ghats afternoon & evening thunderstorms will light up the skies as has been the case for the past few days.

Places in Nilgiris like Coonoor & Kotagiri is likely to see another good day of rains with the circulation still around the Comorin Sea Places like Chennai in North Tamil Nadu will catch up one or two spell of light rains during the morning hours with some luck.