Sizzling September continues over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

Second summer in Tamil Nadu continues to sizzle across the state as both the IMD observatories in Chennai,  Nungambakkam & Airport recorded the highest temperatures during September in nearly a decade as it touched 37.1°C & 37.9°C respectively.  On September 25th 2009 while Nungambakkam recorded 38.7°C Airport recorded 38°C.

If one were to look at the highest temperatures recorded by IMD observatories yesterday 7 out of the Top 10 stations are from Tamil Nadu & Puducherry with Ganganagar, Jaisalmer and Tirupati the odd ones out. Incidentally except for Hisar in Haryana & Phalodi of Rajasthan along with the above mentioned two palces from Rajasthan are the only IMD observatories not from the South East Coast among the Top 25 hottest observatories yesterday.

The humidity charts say the story about the overall suppressed state of atmosphere currently prevailing over Peninsular India.  The uptick in Westerlies, under the influence of the Deep Depression, yesterday added to the problem thereby making it a very uncomfortable day.  Today and possibly tomorrow also will be similar story with very low humidity and fairly strong Westerlies making it uncomfortable days.

Probability for thunderstorms around North TN & South AP regions improve from today though from Monday things improve tremendously.  Depending on the genesis of thunderstorms some parts of Chennai & Suburbs could see light to moderate spell of thunderstorm activity later in the night.