Seasonal heat to persist

Weather Update

With the angle of Sun’s rays now moving into Northern Hemisphere summer is underway in places to the north of Equator. As the sun’s angle climbs the latitude temperatures will start increasing across Indian Sub Continent.

This movement of Sun’s angle of rays is critical for rainfall prospects. In the immediate context we will soon seen the movement of ITCZ, the powerhouse of tropical rains pulled into Northern Hemisphere bringing with it the Mango Shower / Veppasalanam Thunderstorms to the interior areas of Tamil Nadu and rest of Peninsular India. Already parts of Interior Karnataka and few places in Kerala have started seeing evening Thunderstorms as pseudo line of wind discontinuity prevails. As the winds start to scramble to as a prelude to seasonal wind change thunderstorms will increase in intensity and also spatially.

While it is not yet Thunderstorms season the heat is there to stay and will continue to remain on the higher side with numerical models indicating many parts of Interior Tamil Nadu to see day time maximum temperatures stay nearly 4 / 5 degrees above normal particularly around the central and western Tamil Nadu districts.