Rains in Tamil Nadu set for return as wheels of change sets in motion

Rains in Tamil Nadu are set for a return as the wheels of change towards Northeast Monsoon sets in motion soon.  The dry weather that has been gripping the state is expected to loose its grip in the coming days.  Last night saw many parts of Chennai receive midnight rains while places in Vellore & Tiruvannamalai district also recorded moderate to heavy rains during the night.


While there will be no immediate respite from the Heat wave conditions that has been prevailing over most parts of the state, over the course of the next few days as the moisture comes back into the atmosphere things will ease as well.  By around middle of the month when the winds change to Easterlies the temperatures will settle at a more comfortable level around low 30s’.

In the meanwhile Rains in Tamil Nadu are expected to come back as well thanks to the changing wind pattern as we get to the Cusp of seasonal change from Southwest Monsoon to Northeast Monsoon we will start seeing wind induced instabilities.  With winds coming in from different directions and carrying different moisture levels we are likely to see thunderstorms develop from these instabilities bring back rains in Tamil Nadu particularly over the interior regions.


Parts of North Tamil Nadu could see isolated spells of rains today as well.  These rains are likely to happen around late night / mid night like yesterday and could intensify into one or two moderate / intense thunderstorms as the reach closer to the coast.  Parts of Chennai could also benefit from these thunderstorms as they move over the coast.