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Bay of Bengal Disturbance – Update

November 10, 2014,6:15 pm COMK 0

The disturbance over Bay of Bengal near Andamans is struggling to organize itself and is possibly in worse shape than may be today morning thanks to the land interaction. IMD has confirmed what COMK has always been saying, this disturbance is unlikely to develop into a Cyclone. IMD expects [Read More]

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Cyclone Formation Alert in Bay of Bengal from JTWC – Ashobaa in the making?

November 6, 2014,5:36 am COMK 0

Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) has issued a cyclone formation alert in the Bay of Bengal.  The probability of a Tropical Cyclone formation over the next 24 hours is very high as per JTWC. Currently the system is showing some good organization and is expected to move in a [Read More]

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LPA formed over Bay of Bengal

November 4, 2014,6:38 am COMK 0

A Low Pressure Area has formed over Bay of Bengal (not officially confirmed yet by IMD).  It has formed to the North West of what was expected to be the point of formation.  The point of genesis is very important for the development and life cycle of any Tropical System. [Read More]