Marked Increase in Day Time Temperatures across Tamil Nadu

The Interior Places of Tamil Nadu have been seeing fairly hot conditions over the past couple of weeks.  Yesterday saw a marked increase in temperature across the state with many places recording its hottest day of 2017. Karur record 41.8°C which matches the highest temperature recorded so far in 2017.  Similarly Trichy & Vellore also crossed 40°C setting their own hottest days of 2017.

Similar trend is expected today as well with most interior places of Tamil Nadu seeing temperatures in the region of about 39 / 40°C.  Numerical models indicate the interior districts of Vellore, Trichy, Karur, Namakkal, Salem, Erode & Coimbatore could see isolated places cross 40°C as overall the entire state is likely to see a marked increase in temperature like yesterday with possibly temperatures staying a notch above yesterday.

Chennai is also likely to see a hotter day compared to yesterday with the City observatory possibly in line to set its hottest day of 2017 while the airport observatory and the suburbs could see day time temperature inch closer to 38°C in what is likely to be a fairly uncomfortable day until the advent of Easterly Sea Breeze in the afternoon.

Clear skies expected over most part of the state is likely to increase the Skin Temperature values making it very uncomfortable during the afternoons.  While we are not yet seeing heat wave conditions develop in the state but going by model outputs most of the state is likely to see day time temperatures in the region of  2 / 3 degrees above normal while a few places could see temperatures go up by around 4 / 5 degrees above normal.

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