Isolated rains to start in South Tamil Nadu

After a fairly long dry spell Tamil Nadu will get back to receiving some much needed rains over the course of next few days.  Going by model estimates the peak Rainfall is expected to happen around 4th or so. As a prelude South Tamil Nadu is in line to record some late night / early morning rains today / tomorrow morning.

Places closer to coast will be in line for these light spell of rains tonight.

As far as overall expected rainfall pattern goes we are likely to see North coastal TN record lesser rains compared to the rest of the state. Bulk of the rains is expected to happen in South TN and the places along the Western Ghats with possibly a few places in interior Tamil Nadu also enjoying moderate to heavy rains.

Nevertheless it would make sense to take couple of days at a time during off season times as things could change fast depending on overall atmospheric dynamics.

Pleasant weather is expected to continue under the influence of this trough of low now lying over South Central Bay.

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