Isolated evening thunderstorms for Tamil Nadu

After a very eventful Tuesday over most parts of North Tamil Nadu yesterday was a relatively quieter day over with some isolated thunderstorms forming over the interior parts of the state.  Parts of Vellore, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri and one or two places in Tiruvallur district enjoyed these evening thunderstorms.  Pudukotttai / Sivaganga districts enjoyed the usual evening thunderstorms that has almost become a daily routine for those areas.

On the temperature front Central & South Tamil Nadu continues to see above normal temperatures and the trend is expected to continue today as well with most parts of the state expected to see slightly above normal temperatures leading to a warm day.  Parts of North Tamil Nadu though could see near normal or slightly below normal day time temperatures as indicated by numerical models. 

The evening convective thunderstorms is likely to continue today as well with South TN areas of Madurai, Pudukottai, Sivaganga ideally placed for some spells of rains which is now almost become a daily routine for these areas.  There is some chance of rains for places in North Tamil Nadu depending on how the storms form in the interior places around Chittoor / Madanapallee region of South AP.

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