Interior TN to witness Hot Election Day

Weather Update

As whole of Tamil Nadu goes to voting for electing the MPs’ from their respective constituencies uncomfortably hot weather during the afternoon in the interior areas need to be kept in mind. Yesterday saw 6 places in Tamil Nadu cross 40 degrees with today likely to be around the similar mark too.

While parts of South Tamil Nadu may see near normal temperatures making it a relatively better day for voting. The districts of Tiruchirappalli, Karur, Erode, Namakkal, Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Salem, Vellore, Tiruvannamalai will possibly seeing temperatures well above 40 degree mark around mid afternoon making it not only uncomfortable but dangerous for the elderly people to stand under the sun.

The good news though is the wheels in motion are being set for the seasonal change towards Monsoon dynamics in Northern Hemisphere. The presence of Equatorial Rossby wave in the Indian Ocean has ensured the ITCZ gets dragged closer to the Equator setting conditions right for its jump into Northern Hemisphere in the coming few days. Additionally an incoming MJO pulse from the West is likely to trigger a possible tropical disturbance in the Equatorial Waters. Pre Monsoon tropical disturbance is a vital cog in the Monsoon Dynamics wheel playing the crucial role in changing wind pattern.

The movement of ITCZ into the Northern Hemisphere is bound to increase the thunderstorm activity over Peninsular India in the days to come giving much needed rains to the interior places. Today also places along the Western Ghats are in line to record good rains. Many places in Kerala are likely to see rains with one or two places likely to witness heavy thunderstorms voting may get affected by late afternoon thunderstorms in parts of South Interior Karnataka & Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu.