Interior Tamil Nadu continue to see abnormally cold nights

All of Tamil Nadu along with the rest of Peninsular India continues to be under the firm grip of Dry and Suppressed weather conditions as the seasonal High Pressure system over the Indian Sub Continent holds sway.  With no synoptic support the satellite images of the region looks completely clean with no convective clouding any where in the vicinity, 

With the high pressure dominating things the last few days have seen night time temperatures dip in the region under the clear skies.  The trend of abnormally cool nights are expected to continue with parts of North Interior Tamil Nadu expected to see night time minimum temperatures drop by about 2 / 3 degrees if not more around early morning of 11th February.  The districts of Vellore, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri along with the adjoining parts of Karnataka & Rayalaseema is likely to see this almost cold wave type of conditions prevail over the next day or two.

In the meanwhile models indicate parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu including Chennai and adjoining areas could see a very cool night with the city areas seeing minimum temperature in the region of 20°C while the western and norther suburbs could see temperatures around 18 / 19°C.

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