Hot days are here to stay over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

Hot days are here to stay as temperatures start to creep up slowly over many parts of Peninsular India. As we explain very often, the prevailing wind patterns also play a crucial role in the heat quotient. When the Easterlies are strong the coastal areas benefit from the humid / moisture laden winds from the Bay while further west interior parts of Peninsular India get to see increased heat due to the same Easterlies becoming dry land winds during afternoons.

As we get to the Westerly regime its the coastal places along the East Coast that get roasted particularly if there is a cyclone in Bay which strengthens the Westerlies. Places like Chennai depend a lot on the entry of sea breeze during summers to mitigate the heat. But the overall pattern for the coming couple of months is “Heat is Here to Stay“. Today once again large parts of Tamil Nadu is likely to see a hot day with temperatures staying above normal at many places.

As mentioned in our opening remarks of today’s post two distinct wind patterns over Peninsular India will give contrasting day time temperatures in the region. West Coast enjoying the benefit of Continental Northwesterlies / Northerlies while East Coast seeing the heat quotient increase due to Southerlies. Between these two weather models indicate a zone of poor winds / no surface winds which will possibly be the hottest region of Peninsular India. Clear skies and the lack of wind to mitigate the heat would mean the marked zone can see day time temperatures stay 2 / 3 degrees above normal.