Hot Days & Cool Mornings the order of the day

Weather Update

A lot of people would have been pleasantly surprised when they took their morning walk today as morning temperatures reduced a notch across most parts of Tamil Nadu & Rest of South India. Some may wonder why so when the days have been hot with many places recording above normal max temperatures for the past week or so.

The Western Disturbance Express continues to chug along without any break as the next one is round the corner moving in from Pakistan just a couple of days after one passed through parts of North India. There is another one a little further down the road on its way towards Indian Subcontinent. Without doubts regular weather observers from North India will agree without doubts this year has been one of the most active seasons ever in terms of the frequency of Western Disturbance.

A High Pressure Zone sitting over Peninsular India is modulating the weather pattern over the region making it relatively dry. This increased dryness in the atmosphere has resulted in the nights getting cooler across Tamil Nadu with many places recording early morning temperatures that were 0.5 to 1 degree lesser than yesterday. Similarly the day time temperatures continue to remain hot across the state.