Hot Conditions to Prevail over Parts of South India

Weather Update

South India has been getting ready for Summer 2018 as temperatures have been seeing an increasing trend over the last few days across the region. While Tamil Nadu has been relatively better off in terms of temperatures so far many places in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana have seen temperatures cross 40°C though the typical heat wave conditions are yet to be seen.

Today models indicate the temperatures to increase by a couple of notches across most parts of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana region. According to model estimates large parts of South AP is likely to see temperatures in the region of 40°C with some places like Ongole likely to see temperature touch as high as 42°C. Yesterday saw the IMD observatory at Begumpet record 41°C, the hottest day of 2018, similar conditions are estimated by models today as well. Parts of North Tamil Nadu around Vellore, Tiruvallur, Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram & Villupuram districts could see temperatures touch up to 40°C in a few places while most parts of Tamil Nadu is likely to see temperatures in the region of 38 / 39°C. As has been the case so far the coastal areas like Cuddalore, Chennai, Nagappattinam etc could get some respite from sea breeze around 12 PM with models indicating stiff sea breeze to set in under the influence of strong temperature gradient.

With westerlies picking up in strength parts of Interior Karnataka have been seeing afternoon / evening thunderstorms. Today also there is a fair chance of some thunderstorm activity in the interior areas of Peninsular India with Nilgiris along with possibly the norther parts of Coimbatore & Erode districts likely to see moderate thunderstorm activity. There is a possibility of some thunderstorms spilling over to parts of Salem, Vellore & Tiruvannamalai (along the Jawwadhu Hills) as well.