Heatwave Conditions likely over Interior TN

Weather Update

As we get closer to April, the dreaded Indian Summer is looking ominously ahead of us. Considering we are in what is a cusp period between a undeveloped El Nino during 2018 and a developing El Nino in 2019 things are shaping up for what could be an above average summer this year across the Indian Sub Continent.

While temperatures are going up and down, we had a spell of heatwave conditions over Tamil Nadu during the first week of March when many places recorded their first 40ºC of the year starting tomorrow for a few days we are likely to see similar abnormally hot afternoons across most parts of Tamil Nadu including places like Chennai. A combination of Easterlies over parts of Interior Tamil Nadu & pseudo Westerlies over places in North TN and adjoining parts of Rayalaseema is likely to increase the heat quotient.

Weather models indicate many parts of the state to stay nearly 4 / 5 degrees above normal starting tomorrow with many places in the interiors likely to see day time maximum temperatures staying above 40ºC. Over the next 3 / 4 days we could once again see many places touch their highest temperatures of the year which will only set the ball rolling for what is likely to be hot couple of months for Tamil Nadu & Rest of South India