Dry Weather to prevail over Peninsular India

Weather Update

Winter conditions have been prevailing across India with dry weather firmly set across Tamil Nadu & rest of Peninsular India. After few days of abnormally cold conditions over the High Ranges, Palani Hills & Nilgiris there could be some respite from the ground frost & near freezing temperatures in these places.

While the interior parts of Tamil Nadu has been seeing fairly cold nights / mornings the coastal areas have been relatively less cold consequent to the modulating influence by the Easterlies along the coast. Numerical Models indicate the land breeze could be slightly stronger than the past few days which could result in places closer to the coast in North TN record cold morning. While the city areas of Chennai may still be modulated by easterly the suburbs could see a fairly cold night / morning with minimum temperatures staying a couple of degrees below normal

The remnant convection of Cyclone Pabuk, currently lying as a depression, has been getting sheared off by the dipping mid latitude westerly trough. This has pushed the bulk of the convection towards Myanmar where it could give heavy rains in a few places. Dry Weather is likely to persist across South India including Tamil Nadu with not much in the pipeline until & after Pongal possibly.