Dry Weather Conditions to continue in Tamil Nadu

The Dry weather in Tamil Nadu over the last couple of days is expected to continue for a further couple of days.  In the meanwhile over extreme East Bay a Trough of Low is developing around the Andaman Islands region and is likely to play a role in changing weather prospects for Indian Sub Continent possibly over the weekend.

As things stand the weather is likely to be dry until possibly 20th with possibly rainfall opportunities developing for the coastal areas then on.  We will update on the rainfall prospects as things evolve. In all likely hood the Delta region could see the best spells of rains in the region of about 3 – 5 cms over the weekend. While we are giving a tentative estimate of how things could pan out during the weekend a proper estimate will be given closer to the event based on current conditions.

In the meanwhile Andaman Islands is likely to be under rainy spell over the next couple of days with some parts of the Islands likely to get heavy rains over the next 24 – 48 hours or so under the influence of this Trough of Low.

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