Chennai Remains A Spectator As Interiors score huge

Since Sunday though thunderstorms have returned back to Peninsular India Chennai has been pretty much a spectator rather than an active participant with isolated rains, light showers & drizzle being the pattern.  The interior parts of Peninsular India has been seeing one of the most active spell of rains with places like Salem clocking nearly 13 cms in 3 days while slightly to the west Bangalore is possibly heading for an all time September record in terms of highest rainfall recorded during the month.

Yesterday was no different with Salem, Dharmapuri & Krishnagiri districts seeing good rains in many places along with parts of Vellore as well.  The bulk of the rains though fell over the adjoining parts of South Interior Karnataka with many localities in Bangalore seeing more than 100 mm.  All this augurs well for the catchment areas of Kaveri and Kabini in the upstream of Mettur and downstream of KRS & Kabini respectively.

Southwest Monsoon has started the process of withdrawing from the Indian Sub Continent with IMD possibly announcing the first withdrawal announcement over parts of Punjab, Rajasthan & Kutch in Gujarat with further withdrawal over more parts of Northwest India in the next couple of days.  The withdrawal process will be more than 2 weeks behind schedule though it is expected to pick pace in the coming days and the overall change over from Southwest Monsoon to Northeast Monsoon not majorly affected.

  Today could be another day for Interior Karnataka & the adjoining parts of West Interior TN & some parts of Rayalaseema region.  Under the influence of the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation wind convergence continues to persist over the interiors of Peninsular India creating perfect conditions for thunderstorms to thrive on.  Unfortunately for Chennai the last couple of days have seen the city come under Northerly wind bands thereby preventing any possibility of reaching the coast near Chennai.  Things are expected to improve from later tonight with possibly a more Westerly wind tomorrow.  Will that improve the prospects for Chennai.  Lets keep the fingers crossed.