Chance for some showers over North TN

Weather Update

While Northeast Monsoon may not be active in the strict sense the Easterlies have been doing their bit in giving an occasional spell of rains here & there. Yesterday evening saw some rains over the high ranges of Kerala & parts of TN around Tenkasi district. Trivandrum recorded moderate showers too.

A wind discontinuity like condition is seen in the wind charts over parts of South AP and adjoining areas of North TN. This is likely to create atmospheric instability triggering some rains in the region. Additionally the clearer skies during the day will also allow some convection to build during the course of the day. The wind discontinuity like condition is seen persisting for the next 48 hours or so giving a window of possible showers over the next day or two.

While the chance for rains is higher over South AP with little bit of luck and some downward shift in the Wind Discontinuity zone parts of Tiruvallur district could also catch a spell or two of good rains. This could also bring a shower or two over Chennai & Suburbs. Over West Interior TN influenced by a cyclonic circulation prevailing over Arabian Sea one or two places around Erode / Coimbatore dt in particular the region where Eastern Ghats meets the Western Ghats could see one or two heavy spells of rains late evening.