Temperatures to be under control for Chennai & Suburbs

May 16, 2019,8:48 am COMK 0

After a period of heatwave conditions, temperatures over Chennai & Suburbs have settled back to normal levels for the last few days. Yesterday both the IMD observatories at Nungambakkam & Meenambakkam recorded 0.5 & -0.4ºC respectively below average indicating the comfortable day time conditions prevailing along the coast. Today also [Read More]

விடாது நெருப்பு – Hot Conditions to persist over TN

May 9, 2019,7:17 am COMK 0

As we mention often North Tamil Nadu sees its hottest period when the Westerlies strengthen triggering a stronger land breeze bringing the interior heat into coastal areas like Chennai. Additionally the savior for coastal places, Sea Breeze, at times becomes helpless against the strong surface westerlies. Both the IMD observatories [Read More]

ஓடவும் முடியாது ஒளியவும் முடியாது – Heat is here to stay

May 7, 2019,10:12 am COMK 0

As we get into the second week of May its that time of the year which is expected to see the hottest phase for places like Chennai in North Tamil Nadu. Yesterday Chennai AP crossed 41ºC while Nungambakkam could thank the sea breeze for yet another day keeping things under [Read More]