Cyclone Gaja looks for Guidance

November 13, 2018,7:11 am admin 0

A couple of days back our post was “Cyclone Gaja Twists Turns Ahead” true to spirit it is creating a screenplay that is keeping every one tenterhooks.  Cyclone Gaja continues to torment and tease weather watchers, administrative functionaries, common public and news media with its YoYo pattern.  After what looked [Read More]

Well Marked Low near Andaman

November 10, 2018,8:43 am admin 0

As expected the pulse from Gulf of Thailand has moved into the Andaman Sea and now lies as a well marked low straddling the Andaman Islands.  It is expected to become a depression over the next 24 hours or so under favorable conditions.  The circulation that was lingering around Sri [Read More]