Abnormally Hot day ahead for most of TN

Weather Update

Last few days temperatures remained slightly under control including interior areas of Tamil Nadu. The coastal areas remained warm and balmy making it comfortable for most part of the day. It is end March so its only a matter of time temperatures pick up in the coming days.

Weather models indicate over the next few days starting from today temperatures to increase over the interior parts of the state. Tomorrow and day after going by weather models a few interior areas are likely to touch 40ºC as temperatures climb up a notch. Large swathes of the state is likely to see day time max temperatures stay 2 / 3 degrees above normal.

The increase in temperatures is due to the presence of the drier winds from NNE. This is likely to reduce the overall humidity over the interior areas of Tamil Nadu bringing a dry & hot weather across the region. Going by trends tomorrow we could see few parts of West Interior TN & South TN record 4 / 5 degrees above normal temperatures.

The presence of dry winds will also mean early mornings could be pleasant across the state keeping the minimum temperatures a degree or two below normal for places like Chennai.