Abnormally Hot Conditions to persist over Tamil Nadu

The abnormally hot day time conditions that have been prevailing over Tamil Nadu for the past couple of days is likely to persist today as well.  A combination of clear skies due to lesser overall moisture and strong Westerlies until well into the evening that prevents sea breeze penetration  has meant most of Tamil Nadu has been seeing this warmer than normal day time conditions.

Yesterday saw Cuddalore break a record that stood for more than 120 years for the hottest temperature recorded during July setting 40.7°C during the process.  Many places of the state recorded high temperatures that were well above the normal for this time of the year.   More than half of the IMD observatories in the state recorded maximum temperatures that were more than 3 degrees above normal for this time of the year.

Models indicate another hot day across South India with almost the entire region expected to see day time maximum temperatures warmer by a couple of degrees or so.  Parts of South Tamil Nadu is expected to see the maximum temperature anomaly shoot by more than 3 degrees as the overall suppressed atmospheric conditions playing a crucial role in this abnormally hot conditions prevailing over most parts of Southern Peninsula.

The rains have already eased over most parts of South India with no meaningful spells yesterday and is further expected to reduce today as suppressed conditions take dominance in the atmosphere.  With models indicating a few isolated spells of rains in Tamil Nadu like how Pondicherry got 11 mm yesterday parts of North Tamil Nadu could see the benefit of these spells of rains.  Models are indicating the sea breeze to move in early evening today which could possibly help some of the thunderstorms in particular along the Delta to Ramanathapuram region.  With some luck one or two places close to Chennai could see passing spells of rains.

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