Abnormal Heat in Interiors Persist

Weather Update

Abnormal Heat continues to persist over Interior Tamil Nadu with Vellore recording 41.4ºC yesterday the hottest day of 2019. Karur Paramathi also was fairly hot recording 40.8ºC as 11 IMD observatories in the state touched 100ºF with almost all interior places in the plains of Tamil Nadu seeing afternoon temperatures well above normal.

While places along the Western Ghats enjoy isolated thunderstorms on account of the Line of Wind Discontinuity developing as a prelude to seasonal wind change places like Vellore, Karur dont enjoy such pleasures with heat as the overall canvas. Today also we are likely to see thunderstorms in many places over Karnataka & Kerala along with isolated places in South TN with places like Tenkasi inline once again for another day of rains.

There is no respite from heat though as today we are likely to see day time temperatures across many places of Tamil Nadu to be a few degrees above normal. Places along the Central, West & South TN could see max temperature anomaly in the region 6 / 7 degrees above average for this time of the year. So far this year the highest temperature recorded by an IMD observatory in Tamil Nadu has been 41.5ºC at Tiruttani & Karur Paramathi. There is a fair chance this could be broken soon as indicated by weather models.

Chennai will remain a couple of degrees above normal with Nungambakkam likely to record around 35ºC and Meenambakkam around 37ºC