Monsoon dynamics to build Momentum

May 30, 2019,9:38 am COMK 0

The stuttering start to Southwest Monsoon could slowly pick up pace as MJO influence has appeared over the western parts of Indian Ocean. Satellite images indicate convection improving along the Equator indicative of the improved conditions due to the presence of MJO over the region. Weather models also indicate a [Read More]

Heat wave conditions in North TN

May 26, 2019,6:47 am COMK 0

With monsoon dynamics stuttering and stalling as it tries to build some momentum to move into Indian Sub continent summer has been par for course until now in Tamil Nadu. Even yesterday the IMD observatory at Nungambakkam recorded 2 degrees below normal aided by the sea breeze arrival at mid [Read More]

Temperatures to be under control for Chennai & Suburbs

May 16, 2019,8:48 am COMK 0

After a period of heatwave conditions, temperatures over Chennai & Suburbs have settled back to normal levels for the last few days. Yesterday both the IMD observatories at Nungambakkam & Meenambakkam recorded 0.5 & -0.4ºC respectively below average indicating the comfortable day time conditions prevailing along the coast. Today also [Read More]