Abnormal Heat in Interiors Persist

April 12, 2019,8:32 am COMK 0

Abnormal Heat continues to persist over Interior Tamil Nadu with Vellore recording 41.4ºC yesterday the hottest day of 2019. Karur Paramathi also was fairly hot recording 40.8ºC as 11 IMD observatories in the state touched 100ºF with almost all interior places in the plains of Tamil Nadu seeing afternoon temperatures [Read More]

Mango Showers likely in a few places over Karnataka & Kerala

April 10, 2019,10:12 am COMK 0

The last couple of days have seen thunderstorms starting to appear over Peninsular India. On Monday many places in and around both Hyderabad & Bengaluru saw season’s first pronounced thunderstorms. Similarly places in Dindigul, Tirunelveli & Theni districts also recorded light rains in Tamil Nadu. While Interior areas of Tamil [Read More]

வெப்ப சலன மழைக்கு ஏதுவாக மாறும் வானிலை

April 8, 2019,9:44 am COMK 0

கடந்த ஓரிரு வாரங்களாக பலரது கேள்வி “கோடை மழை எப்போது துவங்கும்?” விவசாய பெருங்குடி மக்கள் மாத்திரம் அல்லாமல் சாமானியர்களும் மழையை ஏங்கி தவிக்கும் நிலையில் தற்போது வெப்ப சலன மழை உருவாக ஏதுவான நிலைக்கு வானிலை தயார் ஆகி வருவது மகிழ்வு அளிக்கும் செய்தி. நாம் பல முறை கூறியது போல் சூரியனின் நேர் கதிர்கள் பூமியின் இரு அரை கோலங்களின் இடையே நகரும் நிகழ்வே பருவ மழைக்கான [Read More]

Indian Sub Continent Heats up

April 6, 2019,9:51 am COMK 0

With nearly a week of April month gone heat has picked up everywhere. Places in Central India & West India have started seeing temperatures climb. Till March end the regular WD express meant temperatures were mostly under control due to moisture incursion and cloudy skies time to time. Interior Tamil [Read More]

Seasonal heat to persist

April 4, 2019,5:05 pm COMK 0

With the angle of Sun’s rays now moving into Northern Hemisphere summer is underway in places to the north of Equator. As the sun’s angle climbs the latitude temperatures will start increasing across Indian Sub Continent. This movement of Sun’s angle of rays is critical for rainfall prospects. In the [Read More]

Interior TN continues to sizzle

April 2, 2019,8:53 am COMK 0

Interior Tamil Nadu continued to see harsh summer conditions prevail as seven IMD observatories, Dharmapuri, Madurai AP, Karur Paramathi, Salem, Vellore, Tiruttani & Tiruchirappalli AP, crossed 40ºC with Karur topping at 41.7ºC. While the city areas of Chennai managed to get marginal respite in the form of early sea breeze [Read More]