Monsoon Mojo over Delta Districts

November 2, 2018,8:16 am COMK 0

IMD announced the onset of Northeast Monsoon over parts of Tamil Nadu yesterday bringing a cheer to many a weather bloggers.  Indicative of the fluid atmospheric dynamics the onset was announced only over South TN, Coastal TN along with South Kerala & South Coastal AP while the rest of the [Read More]

Northeast Monsoon is Back with a Bang

November 1, 2018,6:21 am COMK 0

After the many புலி வருது புலி வருது type Northeast Monsoon Onset dates, finally it is here.  And it is back with a bang typical of a monsoon onset with widespread rains lashing coastal areas.  While Chennai & surrounding areas were enjoying the rains until evening yesterday coastal areas like Cuddalore and [Read More]