Cyclone Gaja weakens as Depression & moves into Arabian Sea

November 17, 2018,9:03 am admin 0

Cyclone Gaja after creating havoc over many parts of Delta & subsequently interior places of districts like Dindigul, Pudukottai, Tiruchirappalli created a new history of sorts when hill stations like Kodaikanal & Munnar were witness to cyclonic conditions.  Maintaining strong intensity despite its interaction over the mighty Palani Hills region [Read More]

Cyclone Gaja makes Landfall

November 16, 2018,6:11 am admin 0

Defying all odds Cyclone Gaja made landfall as a very strong Cyclone around mid night near Vedaranyam.  While the initial estimates where for a intensity reduction by Cyclone Gaja just  before landfall. But the whole of yesterday Cyclone Gaja continued to intensify and made landfall as a marginal Category 2 [Read More]

Cyclone Gaja looks for Guidance

November 13, 2018,7:11 am admin 0

A couple of days back our post was “Cyclone Gaja Twists Turns Ahead” true to spirit it is creating a screenplay that is keeping every one tenterhooks.  Cyclone Gaja continues to torment and tease weather watchers, administrative functionaries, common public and news media with its YoYo pattern.  After what looked [Read More]